Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is the strangest, most beautiful TRUE eye color you have ever seen?

I have heard of people having violet eyes, but it is very rare. Also, I saw this man on TV that had eyes so pale they looked mint green. I'd love to see some pictures of anyone's eyes if they have a weird color. I find this facinating.What is the strangest, most beautiful TRUE eye color you have ever seen?
I have had two guy friends

many years apart

they both had iridescent green eyes

my sister also has green eyes but more along a pale hazel color

the guys I am talking about were both very different individuals than our cultural norm in a wide variety of ways

I know looking into ones eyes is supposed to be looking into the soul

and gazing into the black of the eye of a person is supposed to entangle you into their life for better of for worse

But I believe the iris color signifies types of people

some kind of real race different than just skin color from earth location

Blue and brown are common

violet, green and the albino pink are far more rare

and I think the people who have those colors are rare individuals alsoWhat is the strangest, most beautiful TRUE eye color you have ever seen?
Brown.... weird.
Crystal Blue
mine and my bf eyes are green/blue. they change colors and sometimes look really green or even grey blue. i love it.
it's depend on your way of thinking and your star are say to u ,,but no one can describe ext it ,every person have own opinion

well my favorite eyes are on a game i played one of the girls have a strange swirl and she has one green eye and one blue
my friend has bright blue eyes, like a cat, theyre sooo pretty
she had pure grey eyes, looked incredible.
The best I've seen are grey. It's pretty cool.
i would have to say pale white is blueish whitish
A baby I saw once had navy blue eyes. It was beautiful b/c they matched so well with her skin (golden-medium brown) and she had lots of dark brown curly hair. Love babies!
that'd be neat to see...the prettiest eyes i ever saw was of my neighbor who i had a crush on. her eyes had colors of blue, green, and yellow.
dark black eyes are beautiful.
A girl I work with has silver grey eyes. They are gorgeous! I mean, SILVER!
The eyes must match with the skin complexion, but I say hazel eyes on an tannish asian girl. OOO WEEE! or hispanic!
The strangest eye color that I have ever seen is my grandmothers. She has some type of birth defect, and has one green eye and one blue eye. Sorry I cannot supply a picture at this time.
i have brown and greenish eyes and sometime hazel if thats how u spell it

its really kool
My boyfriend's eyes are kind of like denim blue with golden flecks surrounding the pupil. I don't think he'd want me to put up a random picture of him on the internet though :) Mine are more turquoise aqua colored and have been described as ';marbleized'; by a friend of mine because they have many shades of blue flecks throughout the iris.
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